Defending Ilhan Omar

I don’t know why, but when Dan Crenshaw, a Republican Congressman from Texas, attacked Ilhan Omar, a Democratic Congresswoman from Minnesota, it really pissed me off. Rep. Omar is one of the country’s first two Muslim Congresswomen, and Dan Crenshaw is supposedly above rebuke because he was a Navy SEAL.

Thinking about it, I do know why Rep. Crenshaw’s tweet pissed me off. Rep. Omar is already endangered by a lunatic right-wing threat. The GOP is actively poo-pooing the notion that white nationalism even exists. It’s “outrage” at a comment from a speech on civil liberties. It seems to be outrage that she called the terrorists “people.”

Here’s Dan Crenshaw’s tweet, in case you want to see it firsthand… but watch the YouTube video posted below it to get the comments in full context, if you need to.

Here are Rep. Omar’s full remarks side-by-side with the cherry-picked soundbite that has drawn Rep. Crenshaw’s forged indignation. 

Rep. Crenshaw is fanning some hot and destructive flames. I hear Islamophobic talk among people on a near-daily basis. Who does Rep. Crenshaw think he’s talking to with this sort of stuff? Look into comments on news stories, or even to his tweet itself. It won’t take long to find someone calling Rep. Omar a terrorist.

A New York man was arrested recently for phoning in a threat to kill Rep. Omar. The timing of this attack on a month’s-old soundbite couldn’t seem worse to the reasonable and prudent among us… because guess who picked up the ball and ran with it next…

But I think he got this idea sent to him through the New York Post, which happens to be owned by Rupert Murdoch.

The New York Post dredges this imagery up for its readers to attack a Congresswoman from Minnesota…

People are frothing at the mouth about this manufactured outrage over a speech about civil liberties. They have a lot of energy behind it, and it’s being manipulated by people in high places. It needs to be pushed back against and called out for what it is: Islamophobia.

I’m not a constituent of Ilhan Omar, nor am I of Dan Crenshaw. But this strange fight is indicative of a larger war being fought from keyboards across the country… and sometimes it spills out into the real world in violent, wrenching ways.

Why did I decide to make this first post on this iteration of this website, after years of inactivity? Battle lines are being drawn. I don’t want this country to devolve into a civil war, but by golly, I know what side I’m on if it does.

Some people need to be pushed back against while other people need to know you’ve got their back.